“Victor Talking Machine” is a winner, a nice rocker with swing blues beat paying homage to the days of vintage vinyl”.
-Scott McLennan, Boston Globe

“Bruce, I can't believe how much the music business has changed, but it's been great that you've been a constant through all that time. You've always deserved respect -- and earned that respect. Take care. I'll still be kicking around. Not ready to retire to a beach in Mexico yet!”
- Steve Morse Music Editor, Boston Globe

"Marshall’s music is excellent. With well placed original songs, Marshall is a brawling belter."
- Steve Morse, Boston Globe

"You're a great slide player, very precise!!"
- GE Smith, Sat. night live band leader

“You played a great set, why don’t you join us on stage for our encore.”
- Southside Johnny

“I’ve always admired a guy that has the guts to play solo in front of thousands of people, you’re an incredible guitar player! How do you get such a full sound?”
– Bryan Adams, Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI.

“No one told us the opening act was going to be 2 amazing guitar players, you and Dave were absolutely smokin!”
– Patrick Simmons, Doobie Brothers, Hampton Casino, Hampton, NH.

“What great guitar playing, the crowd really dug you guys. ”
- Kate Pierson, B-52’s, Hampton Casino.

“I suggested that Bruce send a CD your way for review. I did a review at tuckerhead. Feel free to use all or part of it in Gritz. I LOVE his cover of This Ol Cowboy. Sounds like vintage MTB. He sure nailed Toy's tone on the guitar! Simply amazing. I loved his 1992 CD Love the Ride as well - the one with the TCB doing Welcome to the Human Race. I haven't heard the second CD but I gotta believe it's great as well. I want to help him all I can becasue his music is just incredible. I think alot of folks would feel the same way, if they just heard it... So, please - help me spread the word!”
- Craig Cumberland

“Kalispell oozes with coolness and soul; smolders with subtle intensity.”
- Craig Cumberland

“Marshall’s music and lyrics reflects a true slice of Americana.”
- Metronome Magazine

“If Dreams Were Money gets my vote as the number one song at the ASCAP Songwriters Workshop.”
- Ernie Gold, Producer

“Marshall turns in a five star album with 15 great tracks, the cd is freakin’ awesome….what great and infectious melodies, this makes my list of the best of 2003.”
- Michael Smith, Gritz Magazine

“The band set the crowd on it’s feet with a revved –up evening of classic southern rock, soul, country and swampy rhythm and blues.”
- Allen Pratt, Middlesex Beat

“Gut wrenching emotion.”
– Lisa Williams Ackley, Bridgton News

“I’ve played with some of the best guitarists in the business, but none can equal the full sound of Bruce Marshall’s acoustic guitar work. He makes our duo sound like a band. He’s also a great singer and songwriter.”
- James Montgomery, Newport, RI

“Bruce Marshall is the only musician I’ll ever work with in a duo situation.”
- KD Bell

“Dave Cournoyer is an incredible guitar player and your trio was the best opener we’ve had in a long, long time. Where can I get the CD?
- Martin Barre, Jethro Tull, Strand Theatre, Providence, RI

“Your rendition of “Can I Change My Mind” is great.”
- Stu Kimball, Bob Dylan Band

“Like a soul cleansing ride without ever leaving home, Kalispell is a masterpiece.”
- Tuckerhead

“You guys ate nails last night, the show was so juicy and strong, the second set was magical. You guys were playing beautifully as a group - feeding off of each other and taking the music higher and higher. The band was firing on all cyclinders.”
- Bose Corporation

"The Toy Caldwell Band’s vocals are super with the recent addition of Bruce Marshall. Pleasure to have you on the tour son."
– Charlie Daniels, Kirby Center, Wilkes-Barre, PA.

"Dave Cournoyer coaxes seemingly impossible tones out of his guitar"
-Middlesex News

"Great vocal track on "You can’t cheat fate."
– Nuno Bettencourt, guitarist for Extreme, producer

"You’ve got a beautiful voice."
– Carl Wilson, Beach Boys, Hyannis, MA

"Bruce Marshall’s acoustic set gets a big thumbs up from me."
– Kenny Loggins, Rocky Point, RI

"Blues is a tough sell. You’ve got to showcase all your assets in this business and Montgomery and Marshall have considerable assets."
– George Thorogood, State Theater, Portland, ME

"I’m quite particular about new artists and rarely compliment, but Bruce Marshall’s performance was fantastic. Excellent guitar work and strong vocals."
– David Bromberg, S. Royalton, VT.

"The only Yankee I’ve ever let in my band, Bruce sings his butt off and writes some great tunes as well. "Human Race" is beautiful, a song we plan to record."
- Toy Caldwell, Nashville, TN.

"Marshall's songwriting is sure and his performance strong"
- Jules Becker Boston Globe

"Fantastic show, right on the money, I enjoyed it thoroughly."
– Livingston Taylor, Worcester, MA

"The Bruce Marshall Group cooked tonight at Harpers Ferry. We had to bust our butts in our set just to hold up our end."
– Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, Boston, MA.

"I really enjoyed your set and your work on the steel body dobro was great."
– Paul Geremia

"Bruce has played with me twice and both shows were great."
– Steve Forbert

"Montgomery and Marshall are the real deal."
– Rick Danko, The Band

"Welcome to the Human Race has all the makings of a hit."
– Paul Hornsby, Producer, Macon, GA

"Bruce Marshall is a big plus for the Toy Caldwell Band."
– Huey Thomasson, The Outlaws

"Marshall’s "Welcome to the Human Race" is my favorite tune from this recording session."
- Jim Dickinson, Producer, Memphis, TN

"I want front row seats when this act comes to England."
– Brian Auger, S. Royalton, VT.

"Where did this guy come from? He’s really good."
– Jeffrey Gaines, Johnston, VT

"You’re a fine guitar player and singer as well."
– Alan Gorrie, Average White Band