Welcome to our home for open mic’s. Over the last few years I have expanded the number of open mics I host and thought it would be a good idea to have a place where you could check out the venues and interact with the ever growing community of artists that perform. This is your page to connect with each other, network, and to give players and patrons a chance to comment on the different venues as we strive to make these as enjoyable for everyone as we can. Musicians tell me that my series are very welcoming, everyone feels at ease and the audience is very appreciative.

I host multiple events a month and although each has it’s own feel, there’s some similarities with all of them. We get inquiries regarding the open mic policy so here’s some answers to frequently asked questions:


-Each series tends toward singer songwriters, with acoustic guitarist/singers the combination I see most.
- All instruments are welcome of course and I can accommodate up to 4 pieces, with duos being more the norm. We can’t bring in full drum kits but percussion is fine, bass players need a small amp, keyboard players need to bring keys and small amp. Electric guitars are fine as well.
-It’s almost always 2 songs (8-10 min) per player unless it’s slow.
-These aren’t “jams” with a house band but I’m happy to add acoustic guitar to anyone needing accompaniment and we frequently see different combos of players as they get to know each other.
-I always play a warm up set, usually between 25 mins and 40 mins depending on how many sign up.
-Sign up is always in person, starting 40 min. prior to my first set.
- As a rule I don’t do “featured” performers but it has happened.

Each open mic venue has its own unique qualities, click on the links below and check out these rooms for yourself.

Tuesday - Main Streets Market & Cafe

Wednesdays - Top of the Ninth

Thursdays - Olde Mill Tavern

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